I am a magnetician with a research group based in the University of Oxford’s Department of Physics, and a Fellow by Special Election of Magdalen College.

My main research is in the properties of magnetic systems. Specifically, I am interested in the quantum-level investigation of spin-wave systems: an area of study known as quantum magnonics. A spin wave is an elementary excitation of a magnetic system — essentially a kind of magnetic wave which can propagate at high speed through certain kinds of magnetic material. Like light, spin waves can be thought of either as waves, or as streams of “quasi-particles”. The spin-wave quasi-particle is called the magnon and it carries a quantum of spin-wave energy. The study of spin-wave systems at the quantum level provides both interesting new insight into the physics of magnetic systems and a potential platform for novel kinds of microwave-frequency quantum information processing.

Alongside my work on spin-wave systems, I am Director of Technology at The Institute for Digital Archaeology, an organization dedicated to finding innovative technology-driven means to document and preserve heritage material. I am particularly interested in the the application of radio-frequency, microwave, and optical physics to cultural heritage research and preservation and the use of 3D printing and machining technologies to the restoration or replication of damaged or destroyed archaeological structures and artefacts. This work combines aspects of applied electromagnetism with electrical, optical, and mechanical engineering.

At Magdalen, I teach undergraduate Physics and Engineering Science courses and am also the College’s Outreach Fellow. I have a special interest in helping potential applicants and their teachers learn more about the College. In connection with my work in physics, engineering, and archaeology, I run an educational programme called the Future Opportunity Exchange (FOx) which works to bring to life the important relationships between the sciences, the arts, and the humanities and encourage uptake and enjoymentof STEM subjects among young people — particularly women.

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